Apple legal takes one step beyond

Apple is threatening a former employee with legal action, alleging theft of some pretty unusual trash – the retail store step that’s been attracting so much recent attention.

The back story:-

In late 2008 ex-Apple employee, Mark Burstiner quit his shift at the Fifth Ave New York Apple store while workers were taking away pieces of a broken step. He asked if he could keep a broken 250-pound glass step, the builders said yes and he took it away.

Eight days ago he listed the step on eBay, as he was moving house and didn’t need it any more. Now, Apple is preparing to prosecute the man, accusing him of theft.

Burstiner isn’t prepared to be pushed around, writing, “As far as I’m aware, I have done nothing illegal. I have not stolen. I have not deceived in any way….

“I won’t allow a major corporation to bully me into a corner. At the time of this posting, it has been seven full days since I put the listing up, and I haven?t heard from Apple directly a single time. I have every right to sell my property, and I plan to do so.”

The current bid stands at $6,300.

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