Apple is UK’s top online electronics retailer

Apple has climbed one spot on its November 2009 online retailers position to claim fourth place in the latest chart as defined by IMRG and HItwise.

Amazon UK (which does sell “electricals”) continues to hold first place in terms of the number of visits, followed by Argos and And while both Amazon and (to a lesser extent, Argos) sell some technology goods, Apple’s fourth place position puts it up ahead of dedicated CE retailers including Currys (17th place) and Comet (25th place).

Apple’s fourth place position also reflects the lie of PC/Mac marketshare. How can the company be seen as a minor player in the market, when Dell’s own direct sales site is only at number 38 and veteran PC retailer, PC World, sits at number 32?

IMRG’s CEO, James Roper, said:  “This new Hot Shops List records retail traffic when online sales were growing at their lowest rate since records began, a decade ago.  The current recession began in December 2007 according the National Bureau of Economic Research (the official arbiter of recessions) so it is interesting to note how HSL rankings compare with the period prior to the economic collapse.

Experian Hitwise’s Director of Research, Robin Goad, added “There was minimal movement elsewhere in the top 10 and the top four remain unchanged. The big retailers that managed to extend their sales beyond the immediate post-Christmas week fared well, while LoveFilm also benefited from the poor weather; why go out in the cold when you can stay inside with a good DVD?”

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