Apple iPhone overtaking Windows Mobile share

Even though Microsoft has been on the market for longer with its Windows Mobile offering and despite that the OS is used within 140 different devices (and supported by a similar number of carriers), the world’s biggest software company is losing its lead.

Look at the numbers:
– Nielsen Mobile reports RIM’s BlackBerry to hold 31.1 per cent; Windows 20.6 per cent; Palm 16.9 per cent and Apple’s iPhone 12.2 per cent of the market.

This shows battle’s on, suggesting the two forces are debating Apple’s catching up of Microsoft’s share, given that most recent analysis points to its overtaking of Palm – and subsequent catch-up with BlackBerry.

What makes the situation noteworthy is that these figures were revealed during a Microsoft presentation broadcast on Fox News last night, when Microsoft Mobile Comms Group product manager, Scott Rockfield, turned up with Microsoft’s message.

Gartner says mobile phone sales were up by 12 per cent during the second quarter of 2008, lagging behind the 21 per cent increase during the same quarter last year.

“Microsoft is battling perceptions, because everyone in the press is talking iPhone vs. BlackBerry,” the Fox anchor said. “That’s a legitimate story, but Microsoft is often forgotten,” he added.

Game on??

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