Apple iPhone-makers poisoned, arson, anger and malaise

All’s not completely well in Apple’s iPhone factories, where new reports claim workers are being poisoned by a sub-contractor. And the place is up in flames in Mexico.

A report on February 21, 2010 saw China’s state media CCTV claim Apple’s supplier Jiangsu United Win Technology Limited (Wintek) illegally uses n-hexane solvent instead of alcohol to wipe mobile phones, “causing symptoms of poisoning among staff.” The solvent can even kill people in some cases.

“Wintek Suzhou, an affiliate of Wintek Corporation and a major supplier of components for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, has been exposed by CCTV over hazardous work conditions and disputes about employee welfare,” explains People’s Daily.

As of August 2009, 49 Wintek employees at Wintek had showed symptoms of poisoning.

Meanwhile protests at Apple’s major partner, Foxconn’s, Mexican plant recently saw the factory burnt down by aggrieved employees, angry at being made to work unpaid overtime.

The latter dispute has now been resolved, Foxconn said, and workers will receive extra pay. Only one ex-worker is being charged with the arson attack on the plant.

Final news, in May 2009 the Taiwan Labor Organization visited Apple’s Taiwan office to accuse Wintek Corporation, the parent company of Wintek of ignoring worker’s rights, offering bad working conditions, and cutting staff illegally.

We anticipate some action by Apple, which claims to hold high standards for treatment of its workers by its partner companies.

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