Apple iPad image is less than perfect

I’ll keep this short. This is a small detail grabbed from Apple’s official iPad PR image, ipad_2up_fbgame.tif.

That is not how to spell ‘Genius’.

UPDATE: One week later I popped back to check the image – it has been updated with ‘Genius’ now spelt correctly. I’m quite happy to offer proof-reading services in future for an insanely great fee.

6 thoughts on “Apple iPad image is less than perfect

  1. HammerOfTruth

    This is part of the Apple Store Genius test. Spot the typo and win a t-shirt that says ” I yam a good spellur!”

    Priceless, thanks for pointing it out.

  2. AdamC

    I guess at your end of the woods you are perfect and have not made a mistake in your life, are you god?

  3. huxley

    Wow, Don, I didn’t know guys from Stormfront were reading Distorted Loop now. Nice.

    Good thing native English speakers don’t make typos.

  4. Hanh Baptist

    “India has 300 million middle class people. The highest in the world. Believe me when those outsourced people’s children graduate college, India’s educated can be a force to be reckoned with. The smartest kids in the world are concentrated in India. The fortune 500 companies will hire their best from India before they go to Harvard and Yale graduates. By the way, I am not Indian.”

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