Apple hires Mozilla security talent, loses MobileMe sync-meister

Musical chairs at Apple as the company’s MobileMe chief quits for a music start-up, and Mozilla’s chief security expert takes up a new post in Cupertino.

Former Chief Security Something-Or-Other (a tongue- in-cheek Chief Security Officer title) security chief Window Snyder has been hired by Apple, and began her new job as a senior security product manager yesterday (Monday).

Along with her previous time at Mozilla, Snyder also spent some years at Microsoft as a security strategist on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. She took her place at Mozilla in 2006 where she marshalled the open source developers in mounting strong defence against hack attacks.

In related recruitment news, US music start-up, Thumbplay, has hired Pablo Calamera, director of Apple’s mobile sync service (Mobile Me et al), as its new technology chief.

“He has unique experience with Apple, Danger and WebTV in delivering and syncing content across multiple platforms for a scaled customer base,” said Thumbplay CEO Evan Schwartz.

“He has also managed major integrations with U.S. and international carriers; an area of ongoing strategic importance for us.” Billboard reports Thumbplay will open up the beta for its Thumbplay Music streaming mobile music service this week. For BlackBerry only (at first) this costs $10 a month.

We wonder if this also spells the end to Apple’s iTunes music streaming dream?

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