Apple dodges UK iTunes price promise

Apple has chosen to renege on an earlier commitment to lower UK iTunes prices to bring them into line with those across Europe.
The company promised to change prices to match those charged across Europe six months ago in order to stave of an EU investigation.
Apple had said: “Within six months it will lower the prices it charges for music on its UK iTunes store to match the already standardised pricing on iTunes across Europe.”
At the time, Apple’s 0.99 Euro per song charge equated to 74p, while the company charged 79p per track in the UK. Fluctuations in the currency market now mean both prices come in at around the same price, meaning no price cut is necessary, at least not according to Apple logic – and the company has made no further commitment to reduce costs once the currency markets change again.
“The announcement was that we would match the UK price to that of other lower priced European countries,” an Apple spokesman said, speaking to the BBC. “This is no longer necessary as exchange rates have effectively done it for us.”
Music fans in Europe still pay much more than those in the US, where each song costs $0.99 (49p or 0.62 euros).

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