Apple cuts laptop production – report

Apple management appear to be setting the scene for a tough few months as global governments engage in plans to prevent economic melt-down, with recent claims of reduced iPhone production now joined by claims of laptop production decreases.

DigiTimes today is reporting that Apple and Asustek recently reduced their “notebook outsourcing for the fourth quarter this year by 20-30 per cent”, causing repercussions at Quanta and other manufacturers.

Asustek’s estimated Q4 notebook shipments will only reach 1.7 million units, the report says, noting that demand in the first half of the year is likely to decline.

Expectation of depressed economic conditions may go some way to explaining Dell’s reluctance to enter the MP3 player race once again, and may suggest a wave of further market consolidation as manufacturers tighten belts for a tough few months.

Apple may console itself with new that UK celebrity Jonathan Ross recently purchased five new MacBooks while UK iPhone sales are reportedly averaging between 20,000 and 18,000 per week.

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