Apple, Amazon, Real battle for MySpace gig

Apple, Real Networks and Amazon are all competing to provide the infrastructure for the soon to launch MySpace Music store, a report claims.

Amazon at present appears ahead of the pack, according to reports. This is potentially because its back-end systems are more efficient than its competitors, according to separate industry talk. A final decision hasn’t yet been made.

Expected for September launch, MySpace Music will offer tracks from Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. It will be funded with $120 million in MySpace cash, and will also inculcate all existing “music properties” of the popular social networking service.

Customers can expect DRM-free music downlod, ring tones, gig tickets, merch and (I can hear fan excitement here) “branded advertising campaigns”.

Whoever wins the bid must also be able to handle trades in music from unsigned bands, notes TechCrunch. They got to – there’s five million acts on MySpace, and there’s no way the social network will cut out its hardcore users just to please a partner, we hope. The company has invested in and sponsored unsigned band stages at festivals worldwide for the last few years, for example Mordekkers (pictured) who played Sunrise Celebration las year.

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