AOL + Amex = Tour Tracker

America Online and American Express are working together on a new fan-focused website, Tour Tracker, that lets music lovers track tours by their preferred acts and enables them to buy tickets.

Hosted by AOL Music the site is sponsored by Amex. Amex is offering discounts on ticket prices for Amex card holders. With a view to the new generation of Johnny Five music fan in its eternal quest for “input, input, input”, the site also offers pictures taken during tours, discussion groups, news and other information, including editor’s picks, Billboard reports.

Tour dates and listings information is provided by JamBase, while MapQuest offers mapping services and travel directions.

What could make this particular initiative more interesting in the digital music sector are continued market rumours that Microsoft may be involved in planning a purchase of AOL. Could this service be part of a Microsoft-sewn web of partnerships all aimed at supplanting Apple before the iPod factor really undermines Windows market share?

News of the deal between Sky and Universal could be another strand to such a bow. Microsoft has strong relationships with the latter firm, and has been rumoured to be in deal-making discussions with News International. This is speculation, of course.

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