Announcement: open season on iPhone 4G speculation has begun

This week’s likely to become the week next-gen iPhone rumours really begin to pick up steam, so do take a look at this Apple-feeling video clip in which shows some product design notions for the future of the device by designer Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studio.

The designer scratched his head for a while to come up with some ideas for what the phone might be like, modeling it from black aluminium with a squarer design and a front-facing camera.

He’s presented this as the “re-evolution of the species” with its AMOLED display, aluminum shell, front-facing camera (as well as a camera situated on the back of the device), and iPhone OS 4.0. Everything seems fairly possible, bar the shell.

Whatever the eventual shape of the iPhone that is to come (which allegedly will hit market at an even lower price), it will be hitting a market that’s already hugely excited at the new smartphone, and more receptive than ever to give it a go.

This is because 91 per cent of iPhone users would recommend Apple’s flagship mobile device to a friend or colleague and 88 per cent would recommend the iPod touch, according to data from mobile ad network AdMob.

We’re also hearing that Apple may not call the device the iPhone 4G in order to avoid confusing people (after all, it is already unusual to have two iPhone 3Gs, for example.)

We wonder if the next-gen device will be controlled by motion sensors in the camera? As we reported the other day, by simply swiping or tapping your finger across the camera in a certain direction, you will be able to access voicemail, fast forwarding and rewinding voicemails, merge calls, and almost completely control the interface by using a distinct pre-configured motion.

2 thoughts on “Announcement: open season on iPhone 4G speculation has begun

  1. iphonerulez

    Nice design. I only hope that the change doesn’t mess up compatibility with all those third-party connector docks.

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