Anime leads YouTube’s video-on-demand niche attack on Hulu, iTunes

YouTube has quietly widened the range of videos it is making available for rent through the popular Google-owned service, betting a little face that a focus on niche markets will help it take on existing behemoths in the online video on-demand space, such as iPlayer, Hulu and iTunes.

Publishers that presently offer their videos for rent through the service now include: Anime Network, Bay View Fitness, Cerebellum Corp, FineCooking,, FitnessChannel, FUNimation Entertainment,, Language Tree, Questar EntertainmentTerwilliger and UFOTV Studios.

FUNimation Entertainment has made about 100 videos available through the rental program over the first month, according to Mario Rodriguez, brand manager for the anime video distribution company: “We will grow it as it grows,” he said.

Via: NewTeeVee

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