Android rings Flash as iPhone battle calls

So here’s part of the Apple versus Flash versus Android future – this video shows us a user remotely controlling an Adobe AIR-made app using an Android phone.

(Though do take careful note of the platform the guy’s using to have all of his fun, love those white power cables..).

Developer Joe Winder explains:

“AIR 2.0 has support for UDP sockets, which allows you to send and receive messages using the Universal Datagram Protocol. This means that you can communicate with other applications without the need of an extra server.

“I used RemoteDroid for this demo, which is an Android app that turns your Android phone into a remote control, using your own wireless network. Originally, the app gives remote access to native applications on your computer and simulates the mouse – moving it and pressing left and right buttons – but you also need to download a server on your computer to make that work.

Winder made the AIR app listen for UDP messages sent by the Android apps to control a paperplane. We wonder what Apple has in mind to keep developers *(who always like to poke around in the technologuy basement) interested in the next-gen iPhone?

Via: Recombu

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