Amazon’s weird scene sends comics sales North…

As the iPad looms, comics fans are buzzing off a big deal discount sale via giant online retailer Amazon US, which is offering key Disney-owned Marvel-published graphic novels at an incredible fraction of their usual price.

Granted we’re stretching here, but if you are in the US and you like your graphic novels Amazon’s prices are really something else – and the move is generating consternation across the comics industry.

We’re curious if Amazon knows something we don’t and the release of these books at such low prices is the retailer’s reaction to suspicions of new subscription-based services via Disney.

Equally, Amazon could be engaged in a right royal Sunday mess-up in which prices have been lowered and the company hasn’t yet jumped to fix this itchy glitch.

At the end of the day, the tagged-on speculation about the rational for these deals isn’t so important – US readers may want to take a look at some of them, such as the Ultimates Omnibus which is out for $8.24…..

Update: Bleeding Cool now informs us that the event is indeed a glitch that’s currently being fixed.

“In all likelihood if your order is being processed, then you’re getting those books at that price and someone will probably have to eat the difference. If not, expect to get a firm but polite email from Amazon explaining that you won’t be getting these books at the price you ordered them at – though you are welcome to purchase them at the usual discount rate.”

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