Amazon UK: Mac OS X now avail for UK pre-order

Well our American cousins have been investing in the next, best iteration of OS X since this weekend. Now Amazon UK has opened for business selling the software for pre-order, (price, mysteriously, not avail. on Amazon’s site, or Apple’s – please guys, give Britain a day off from feeling ripped-off, is tough times here, after all..)

So – you can sign-up now on this Snow Leopard
page of Amazon’s Website to receive an email the very moment the giant online retailer decides to shift a few boxes of Apple’s schizzle OS.

That’s the thing about this release, as I understand it – Snow Leopard is like Viagra for Macs: an extremely effective performance enhancer. A poor analogy, I agree; and certainly not something to be used in an international ads campaign, but we all know it, right? Right?

Sign up to hear here.

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