Amazon to launch online video service

Amazon is to launch its Video On Demand service, the New York Times reports, putting the company even more squarely into competition with Apple, Netflix and other online video services.
Amazon’s customers will be either able to download films and TV shows to their computer’s hard drive or store them in a dedicated Amazon library. If stored online, users will be able to stream their media to other compatible web-enabled devices.
The service is expected to be compatible with Macs and Windows systems. Amazon Video On Demand continue to be available, as Amazon Unbox, to US customers only.
Supporting the service, Amazon has reached a deal with Sony under which access to the store will be embedded in future Bravia series televisions.
Bill Carr, Amazon’s vice president for digital media said: “Our goal is to create an immersive experience where people can’t help but get caught up in how exciting it is to simply watch a movie right from with a click of the button.”
Amazon’s US–only service has the support of all the major studios, bar Disney. Amazon plans full-scale introduction of the video on demand service later this year.
The company is widely expected to launch its DRM-free music download service in Europe this autumn.

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