Amazon on iTunes UK MP3 sales attack ‘in weeks’

As expected, the battle of (digital media) in Britain is kicking off this Christmas – and with labels seeking to develop an (ahem) ‘more competitive landscape’ for such music sales, then the sequence of events could benefit music fans.

News now is that the Amazon Music Store will be launching in the UK by next month, offering a catalogue of DRM-free tracks in MP3 format, and (presumably) given a series of attractive price cuts on content in order that the labels can beat up on their one time friend, Apple and its iTunes Store.

Amazon has had a number of meetings with UK record labels ahead of next month’s launch. The company is also the partner for MySpace Music in the US, and while that latter service was expected to launch this week… a launch delayed it seems by chats with EMI…it remains likely Amazon will reach the UK around the same time MySpace does.

Amazon’s plan emerges after yesterday’s 7digital announcement which made the European music download site to offer an all-DRM-free catalogue (well, 99.9% free, there’s still a few WMA tracks in that firm’s system).

Labels appear to be backing new rivals to iTunes in an attempt to chip away at its market share – they don’t want to be dictated to by the world’s largest music retailer, and while happy to work with the firm, want a diverse landscape for music sales. At least, that’s what they’re saying…

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