Adobe search ploy ubiquitises Flash

Betting that there’s loads more Flash video content out there that just isn’t popping up in search engine queries, Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo to improve search results of dynamic Web content and rich Internet applications (RIAs).
The company is providing optimised Adobe Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo! to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF) and uncover information that is currently undiscoverable by search engines. This will provide more relevant automatic search rankings of the millions of RIAs and other dynamic content that run in Adobe Flash Player. What’s interesting about this is that developers and rich Web content producers won’t need to amend existing and future content to make it searchable, because Adobe’s found a way to avoid that.
The problem has been that although search engines already index static text and links within SWF files, RIAs and dynamic Web content have been difficult to expose to search engines because of their changing states.
“Google has been working hard to improve how we can read and discover SWF files,” said Bill Coughran, senior vice president of engineering at Google. “Through our recent collaboration with Adobe, we now help Web site owners that choose to design sites with Adobe Flash software by indexing this content better. Improving how we crawl dynamic content will ultimately enhance the search experience for our users.”
Yahoo! also expects to deliver improved Web search capabilities for SWF applications in a future update to Yahoo! Search.

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