Adobe Flash video DRM compromised?

Adobe is likely in hot water this weekend, with news that a security hole in Flash means users can get free access to record and copy video and movies made available using the software.’s online movie service is apparently affected, meaning users can easily grab a copy of films – even those theoretically protected against such use.

Apparently, the flaw lies in the Flash video servers. “The software doesn’t encrypt online content, but only orders sent to a video player such as start and stop play. To boost download speeds, Adobe dropped a stringent security feature that protects the connection between the Adobe software and its players,” Reuters explains.

While Amazon insists its video streams are not sensitive to the flaw, Reuters ran its own series of tests and found that it was able to record films and video from Amazon’s on-demand movie service for later playback.

Adobe issued a security bulletin on the matter earlier this month, recommending customers offering video using Flash should extend a check on the media player calling up a clip.

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