Adobe exec reports on company’s visit to Davos…

Rob Tarkoff, SVP and GM Adobe’s Business Productivity Solutions reports back on his company’s visit to Davos for the World Economic Forum.

“People are ready to turn the corner…ready to have discussions on significant events that will lay the path for where our business is going…”

Interesting note for anti-globalisation protestors, Adobe “took the lead” in building the private social networking platform for Davos participants, he said – that’s why the company was there. “For Adobe it as a great opportunity to show our leadership…and talk about what we’re doing to change the world..,” he explains.

Such as establishing a fair and harmonised pricing schema for Adobe’s global consumers, right?

1 thought on “Adobe exec reports on company’s visit to Davos…

  1. jbelkin

    Did the Amish not make this gathering so Adobe was the second “technology” choice? Yea, you really want to be at a conference where “adobe” is your technology leader … was the guy from Fisher Price sick?

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