Adobe and Android, sitting in a tree, flipping off the iPhone with PS, see

War makes strange bedfellows, and now it looks like Google and Adobe may be cosying up as they attempt to circumnavigate the iPhone world with a stab at marching out on Android.

Adobe today announced developers now have access to the Mobile for Android 1.1 editor, allowing them to easily make it a part of their applications and deploying its collection of new editing effects.

The battle story continues to move along, with Adobe’s Doug Mack, vice president and general manager of Digital Imaging and Rich Media Solutions saying, “Unlike iPhone, the Android platform allows us to make the editor broadly available to developers so they can provide it within any application they are working on. Photoshop functionality can then easily be accessed from an online auction, real estate or social media application so users can quickly fix photos and make them look their best, before being showcased.

Developer Access to Adobe Technology A new developer site now allows Android developers to leverage the Mobile for Android 1.1 editor in the creation of other application workflows.

Adobe Mobile for Android 1.1 is available as a free download in all countries with Android Market in English only. Search the Android Market for “” to find it.

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