Thought it about time to update this page. I’m Jonny Evans, former news editor for Macworld UK (between 1999-2008).

I left because a serious problem with RSI meant I was no longer capable of sustaining the workload there alongside my other projects. I’ve been a journalist in some form for twenty years, and will continue to make a contribution – hopefully a stronger one, now I can focus on fewer topics in an average hour.

I’d also say that tactical use of MacSpeech Dictate is what is making this site possible. Hopefully I’ll recover eventually.

What’s this site?

We’re just building right now. We’re about Apple, sure. We’re also about music, media, and the digital wave.

(This latter part was written in 2008. We’re intrigued to see how things have turned out since, particularly between Google and Apple…)

“So, we’ll be watching Google’s slow move to delivering digital media on a global basis as it transmutes from searching information to broadcasting it; Apple’s continued ascendance in digital media, the continuing evolution  of EMI or the BBC – things like that.

“We also promise occasional interviews with people we think are pretty cool in this landscape (Nigel Godrich of Radiohead was our first one). We’re interested in the potential of the iPhone, and curious about social networking’s real effect on music. We’re pro artist, pro consumer, and we’ll be adding new sections to the site over time.”

Please bear with us. We’re in beta…(we still are).
We’d really like your comments, questions, press releases and information, if you have something to share, do please let us know: email jonny AT distorted-loop DOT com.

Be Seeing You!

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