A glance at the BeoSound 5

Bang & Olufsen has introduced its classy BeoSound 5 digital music system to the UK, promising “high-quality digital music experiences in the home”.

The new music system offers the customary high-class iconic B&O design, it’s extremely eye-catching and manufactured in aluminium. You select your songs/albums/whatever using a wheel and pointer system that’s on the side of the controller, checking your media on the large, full-colour LCD screen.

This means you can navigate to the music selection you want with one hand – presumably the other hand’s holding a cocktail while you sashay around your swish, credit-crunch-defying penthouse…this system does cost £3,500, after all.

It’s all about navigating users through the music they already own in digital music products these days, just take a look at Apple’s Genius playlists feature. Bang & Olufsen have gone their own way, so built-in software automatically scans the library and finds similar tracks based on parameters such as rhythm, syncopation, key tonality and vocal harmonies when you play music through the system.

Company launch video:

If you have the ready cash to invest in this system, be warned – it’s more than the controller, there’s also the 500GB black storage system which you must find a place to stash somewhere.

Connections include three USB 2.0 ports and ethernet. Supported audio formats include WMA, WMA Lossless, MP3, WAV, ASF and AAC, together with internet radio streams in WMA, MP3, ASX and M3U.

The BeoSound 5 will be available from March 2009, iGizmo informs.

Also worth a look, the Marantz home theatre system  for iPods, which offers Bluetooth connectivity.

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