7digital, Zavvi lead entertainment retail group

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has unanimously elected Zavvi MD Simon Douglas as Chairman for the next year, while 7digital MD Ben Drury remains Deputy Chairman and EUK’s Graham Lambdon remains treasurer.

“There are more entertainment products on the market than ever before, “ Dougles said, “and consumer demand for entertainment products is greater than ever before.
“This means that the need for trusted intermediaries who sit between the producers of entertainment and those who want to buy it is greater than ever.
“In a world of near infinite choice retailers are the recommenders and navigators who help consumers make sense of what’s out there.
“The key to our future lies in our ability to communicate product to the consumer and in turn to represent the consumer back to music, film and games companies.”
Douglas highlighted three recent examples in which ERA has championed the interests of consumers:
–          lobbying for a single High Definition video format – the battle now won by Blu ray
–          championing the open MP3 format for music downloads
–          arguing the case for a single rating system for computer games.

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