7Digital CEO: Amazon MP3 UK a ‘blow’ to iTunes

Amazon’s move to introduce its DRM-free MP3 download store in the UK is beginning to generate reactions from within the UK music industry, with competing online music service, 7Digital’s CEO Ben Drury noting his company went DRM-free first in the UK.

“We’d like to congratulate Amazon UK for finally entering the MP3 market albeit a little late,” he said. “We announced on September 16th that we were the first in Europe to achieve this. It’s great that general retailers like Amazon clearly recognise the importance of digital music for consumers and the MP3 universal music format which works on all devices.
“7digital.com’s sole aim is to provide consumers with a first rate music delivery service because that’s what we are and what we know. Their MP3 downloads are only 256kps quality so they are not delivering the high quality 320kps MP3’s unlike 7digital.com,” he noted.
“Amazon’s entry into the market is good news for the digital music consumer and will help accelerate the migration from physical format to digital. This is another victory for MP3 and another blow for iTunes – which doesn’t offer MP3s at all,” he said.

We anticipate more reactions during the course of the coming days.

2 thoughts on “7Digital CEO: Amazon MP3 UK a ‘blow’ to iTunes

  1. Doug Petrosky

    What a joke! most believe iTunes will get their contract with the big labels for DRM free music in the next couple weeks/months and iTunes will be delivering state of the art 256bit AAC encoded tracks DRM free. And when that day comes I expect this guy to welcome Apple but clam that MP3 is a more universal standard than AAC (which for now is true). But with in weeks, major “MP3” manufactures will be advertising iTunes compatibility (because most support AAC) and we will finally see the death of mpeg1 layer 3 audio also known as MP3.

  2. Cassia

    Hi Jim,Thanks for the comment, sorry for my deleayd response.There’s definitely something utterly stupid here, if it’s not what MRT is doing, then it’s DMCA. And if it’s not DMCA, then it’s me.Cheers,Burak

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