7digital, Amazon, race to beat iTunes UK on DRM-free

Apple seems set to face stronger competition in the UK and Europe as whispers tell us Amazon will introduce its DRM-free online MP3 store by as soon as September. With the imminent debut of the online retail giant, the UK’s number two online music service, 7digital, today announced booming sales since the introduction of DRM-free tracks from Warner Music.
7digital.com has seen sales increase 300% in 2008 fuelled by the Warner Music DRM-free MP3 catalogue becoming available for the first time in the UK and Europe. 7digital.com is the second largest digital retailer following the release of the new Coldplay album Viva la Vida and is expecting Sony BMG and Universal to release their DRM-free MP3 catalogues “imminently” in the UK, Distorted Loop has learned. And introduction of MP3-free music through 7digital may also signal Amazon’s imminent entry into the space.
“High-quality, DRM-free MP3 downloads have really sparked a new wave of digital music take up,” said 7digital CEO Ben Drury. “This format makes the digital music proposition simple for consumers with one universal format for all devices. Music lovers are beginning to realise that owning an iPod doesn’t mean just buying tracks from iTunes and, in fact, MP3’s are far superior in terms of compatibility. Since the introduction of EMI and Warner Music’s DRM-free catalogues we’ve been attracting increased numbers of iPod and iPhone users, as well as those using Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Walkman devices and mobile phones.:
Approximately 80 per cent of 7digital.com’s 4 million track catalogue is now available in the MP3 format.
“It is now clear that MP3 downloads represent the future for digital music.  With two of the four major labels now supporting MP3 in the UK, we expect to see the whole market supporting MP3 in the not-too-distant future,” said Drury.

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