Is this the Apple tablet in action?

Answer: We don’t know – bound to generate some interest.

We note the clip doesn’t always seem to load correctly, suggesting bandwidth problems, fakery, or whatever – Ikea app for Jan 27?

Meanwhile in related news we’re interested to note the sheer number of vehicles parked in the car park at Apple HQ in Cupertino late last night – clearly there’s a whole lot of action being finessed by the company right now this second. (See image below).

6 thoughts on “Is this the Apple tablet in action?

  1. studentrights

    If it is Ballmer will be throwing chairs out the windows as Apple passes Microsoft in profits as some have predicted.

  2. robinson

    “we’re interested to note the sheer number of vehicles parked in the car park at Apple HQ”

    Tongue-in-cheek, right? It looks as empty as the parking lot at a stadium for a poorly performing ball club (Orioles, anyone?).

    One wonders what is going on. I’d have expected it to be packed with last minute details for the presentation, late-night finishing up of handouts, getting the new web site ready, etc.

  3. Jonny Post author

    Not especially tongue in cheek – it was c.10pm. My spies report it’s pretty active for a saturday evening in california.

  4. prices of new car

    When you drove that car off the dealership lot, it lost a bunch of value. Unless you put a big down payment when you bought the car, the payoff amount is probably more that the car is worth right now so I don’t think an ebay sale would go well.

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