YouTube makes music video social and discoverable as Apple preps

We’re quite liking YouTube’s all new music playlist maker, the YouTube Music Discovery Project, just out the YouTube labs.

The page is a search box with the slogan, “Find>Mix>Watch”. All you need to do is enter an artist name, hit ‘Disco’ and off you go – music videos everywhere.

(We assume one day this will be boosted by an ads-funded streaming cum a la carte music purchase product, as Google’s battle with Apple gows more overt. We’re interested to see just how overt once Apple intros later this year.)

Right now, you can enter any music group or artist, and a playlist pops up, along with a thumbnail video and a description of the band. You can find related artists, create a mixtape, and save playlists.

Playlists are saved to your regular YouTube playlists page, from where you can share them via email.

Here’s a link to a selection of lovely Crass songs.

1 thought on “YouTube makes music video social and discoverable as Apple preps

  1. tv shows

    Ack, I can’t even begin to try to keep up with all my TV shows. Luckily, the DVR does most of my work. Its a lifesaver.

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