300 million iPhone App downloads – Apple

Apple has confirmed 300 million application downloads through its App Store since launch on July 11, 2008.

The five month achievement is noted within a pair of iPhone ads published Friday in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The company also confirmed that in excess of 10,000 applications are now available through the App Store.

The two ads name a range of available applications for the device, including: Facebook; Bank of America; Urbanspoon; Shazam; Asphalt 4; eBay; APMobile News; Bloomberg; Mandarin; Remote’ Sudoku; Flight Status; Loopt; Spore; QuickVoice and AIM.

In related news it emerged last week that information concerning developers who have made applications for funding from the $100 million ‘iFund’ may have leaked into the wild.

A post on 9 to 5 Mac claims information pertaining to 588 developers who made applications to the find – including contact details, bios and business plans – has leaked onto the internet.

While it’s impossible to verify this claim at this point, the news could have negative impact on developer faith in iFund and its security protocols.

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