Music download price comparison site launches

With burgeoning digital music sales and the evolution of multiple online stores for music purchases, many online retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and iTunes, are engaged in price wars to attract sales.

However, short of zipping between the various online stores, how does a music fan find the best deal? New site, Downloadshopper is here to help.

The search engine exists to compare current music download prices between iTunes, Amazon and Walmart. Developed by Matt Brucker, the site compares both individual tracks and whole album prices.

In addition to these comparisons, the site also offers a ‘Hot Deals’ section where US music fans can take an eagle-eyed look at the latest free music and discounts available from the three competing online music services¬†

“Song prices range from 74 cents to 99 cents per song, and album prices can vary by several dollars. Saving 5, 10 or 15 cents might not sound like much, but an avid music fan can save a lot of money, and why not get the most value for your dollar?”

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