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Apple seals China Mobile iPhone deal for September, MacBook Air upgrade imminent

Apple [AAPL] fans are dusting off their credit cards on news that two of the company’s most popular products are due an upgrade. China Mobile this morning seemingly confirmed the iPhone hits its network in September, while reports from the Apple supply chain claim new model MacBook Airsshould hit channel as soon as next month. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE

Here comes iCloud for the enterprise…

Tell your IT department the old days when they could say Apple [AAPL] products are too hard to support on your corporate network are gone. Apple continues to explode across the enterprise — and there’s a rapidly growing list of enterprise class management and secure environment tools designed to make deployment of any Apple product easy, affordable and secure.


September song: Apple A5 iPhone 5 ‘twice as fast’


iPhone 5 is scheduled to show itself in September, just in time for the introduction of iOS 5. As described, the device matches up nicely with all the previous claims as to its specifics: an 8-megapixel camera alongside the A5 processor, which as we know from iPad 2 product marketing runs “twice as fast” as the A4 chip used inside iPhone 4 and iPad 1.

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Apple ships Final Cut Pro X — and changes the video world, maybe

Apple [AAPL] video expert, Randy Ubillos has struck again, with the introduction of true 64-bit pro-video editing super-hero, Final Cut Pro X, introducing important changes in the way the software handles, ingests, encodes and manages video production workflow. And its available only via the Mac App Store.

The first time I saw Final Cut Pro X, back in February, this quote from the title of Stephen Ambrose’s book on the transcontinental railroad flashed into my head,” said video expert, Larry King. “Just as the transcontinental railroad permanently changed 19th century America — in a wide variety of ways — Final Cut Pro X has the same capability.

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Apple makes 3D TV sexy with iPad 3 HD

There’s a market segment that’s desperately needing a little slice of Apple [AAPL] product marketing magic, and it’s 3DTV. Introduced with much brouhaha as a ‘must-have’ killer new feature, the technology has rapidly been relegated to just another spec, consumers like it, don’t love it. Does Apple have an iPad plan to make the technology interesting?