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Apple iPhone is hurting Android

More on why Apple will do something in the low end phone market:

“The only way (at the moment at least) is up, with rumors claiming Apple will introduce a new iPhone in September, expectation must also be there that the company will diversify its range more with the addition of phone features to its iPod range.

“Consider this: an iPod phone wouldn’t be an iPhone, lending flexibility in features — but would likely be popular, would likely bring a little Apple ‘innovation’ to the feature phone market and would help Apple continue its clear strategy of building growth in the developing markets. In other words, Apple’s set for growth.”


Things I hate about the Apple cult

I remember when I first began to read about Apple products. I didn’t have much money but I’d buy all the magazines. I didn’t know then that I’d been infected by the geek virus, but I had. I’d lust over these electronic appliances I couldn’t ever afford to buy. I know I wasn’t the only one doing this. There’s so many potential Apple customers who have the lust but lack the lucre.

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