Monthly Archives: February 2011

Apple 2012: Making security sexy

We’ve been watching Apple [AAPL] innovate for 35-years. Most recently we’ve seen it transform the music industry, change the phone industry and reinvent the PC industry with the iPad. This year we’re looking at iPhone 5 as wallets, iTunes music streaming, the iPad 2.0 and much, much more. Has Apple moved so far ahead of the pack that innovation isn’t necessary anymore? Is it the end of invention?

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Best Buy beats Apple’s iTunes to UK music streaming services

While we wait for Apple to offer iTunes music streaming, here’s news for UK readers: Best Buy UK, the UK arm of US electronics powerhouse Best Buy, to introduce My Music Anywhere throughout UK Best Buy stores as well as Carphone Warehouse shops.

Coming as we wait on the EMI/ verdict, this is a cloud-based digital music locker service. Better yet, it works with iPhones and iPads and all Android tablets. Two services are being introduced. Free and Pro.

The ‘My Music Anywhere’ service, developed in partnership with Catch Media, works by fingerprinting the user’s personal music library, which is then made available to the user in the cloud and allows users to seamlessly stream those tracks to their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Continue reading

iPhone nano a no-no: Everything you need to know

The new iPhone nano won’t be called an iPhone nano. “Apple needs to protect the iPhone brand. I believe Apple should develop a new family of connected devices to target the mass market but I don’t agree the category should belong to the iPhone brand. That’s because there’s a risk of low-end devices in the brand damaging the prestige of the flagship devices,” says Saadi.

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Will Carling, the Apple iPad detective

What would you do when a near-six-foot tall rugby player (think, American football for seriously tough guys) comes hammering on your door demanding the return of their lost iPad? That’s what happened when UK sports celebrity, former lover of Princess Diana. and former England rugby captain, Will Carling, left his iPad on the train. Using MobileMe’s Find My iPhone feature he was able to find his device. I caught up with him to chat about what happened next. Read it here.

Tim Cook is Apple’s ninja

We know Apple CEO Steve Jobs has taken an extended leave of absence, but when you read between the lines it is pretty clear Apple’s in good hands with Cook in command. That’s because the quiet man that is Apple’s number two has his own special skills in supply and production management, using these to create challenges for competitors clutchign onto Apple’s coat tails. Read more.