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Ofcom: UK users accused of file-sharing to be charged a fee to file an appeal

Internet users cut off from their service when simply accused of file-sharing are to be required to pay in order to appeal against infringement of copyright claims under the mooted dispute resolution processes, a report informs us today.

“In short, if you are cut off by Ofcom for illegally downloading, even if you’re innocent, you’ll have to pay to appeal against the decision.”

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Stephen Fry publishes extensive thoughts on Apple’s iPad

Celebrity Apple fan Stephen Fry has published an extensive report detailing his thoughts on the iPad, which he flew to the US to take a look at last night, chaperoned by Jony Ive.

“I know there will be many who have already taken one look and pronounced it to be nothing but a large iPhone and something of a disappointment,” he begins.

“There are many issues you could have with the iPad,” he continued. “No multitasking, still no Flash. No camera, no GPS. Too big for my pocket, not big enough for serious use. Don’t see the need. It’s a solution looking for a problem.”

“Like the first iPhone, iPad 1.0 is a John the Baptist preparing the way of what is to come, but also like iPhone 1.0 (and Jokanaan himself too come to that) iPad 1.0 is still fantastic enough in its own right to be classed as a stunningly exciting object, one that you will want NOW and one that will not be matched this year by any company.”

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WSJ Walt Mossberg’s First Impressions of iPad

“It’s about the software, stupid. While all sorts of commentators were focusing on how much Apple’s new $499 iPad tablet computer looks like an oversized iPhone, the key to whether it can be the first multi-function tablet to win wide public acceptance probably lies in whether consumers perceive it as a suitable replacement for a laptop in key scenarios. And that, in my view, depends heavily on the software and services that flow through its handsome little body.
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Apple iPad image is less than perfect

I’ll keep this short. This is a small detail grabbed from Apple’s official iPad PR image, ipad_2up_fbgame.tif.

That is not how to spell ‘Genius’.

UPDATE: One week later I popped back to check the image – it has been updated with ‘Genius’ now spelt correctly. I’m quite happy to offer proof-reading services in future for an insanely great fee.

Analyst praise for Apple’s iPad thingy

Apple watchers are beginning to articulate opinion. We’ve gathered a few.

We know the iPad costs from $499. An that’s good news: “At that price, they’ll sell millions,” Hakim Kriout of New York-based Grigsby & Associates told Bloomberg News. “It’s very, very affordable for what it does. This is going to add a huge revenue stream for Apple.”

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