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Echo & the Bunnymen play iTunes Glasgow gig

echobunnymenthefountainEcho & the Bunnymen will star at an iTunes LIVE from Glasgow gig on Sunday 11 October. Doors open at 7pm

Legendary rock band Echo & the Bunnymen prepare for their world tour by performing and recording an exclusive iTunes LIVE from Glasgow show at the Apple Store, Buchanan Street, featuring tracks from their forthcoming album, “The Fountain”.

The event takes place at the Apple Store, Buchanan Street, 147 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
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YouTube for radio – Mixcloud

What is Mixcloud? from Mixcloud on Vimeo.

An interesting proposition: “Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively. Mixcloud is re-thinking radio by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. We refer to them as Cloudcasts – audio shows that are stored in the “cloud” and available to be streamed on-demand.”

Read: Lily Allen’s deleted file-sharing notions here

lilyitsnotmesleeveSo, we kind of missed this whole red herring of a debate. In a nutshell, it seems to consist of one in which some of the more successful musicians have been listening to their lawyers too much and now want to punish their fans for file-sharing, with poor old Lily Allen thrust up-front in the dialogue.

Lily even went so far as to suggest file-sharers should be kicked off the internet, the same kind of three strikes rule currently championed by that politician no one has ever liked, Mandelson (the come-back king).

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U2 shun Apple iPhone in BlackBerry music App release

u2Recall back in the day when U2 and Apple were bosom-buddies? Well, in the world of corporate sponsorship, everything is change, and Bono’s band today introduced their own take on the iTunes LP with the release of a new U2 Mobile App, not for iPhone, but for BlackBerry.

In a direct emulation of Apple’s iTunes LP and App Store, U2 and BlackBerry maker, RIM, claim the new app, “invigorates the album experience for the digital age.”

Developed in collaboration with the band, the app promises “a rich visual experience with evolving content and an interactive dimension for the band’s current Number 1 album No Line On The Horizon.
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MSFT Zune HD gets games, takes on iPod touch

Aimed solely at the US market right now, Microsoft seems to hint at games for its new Zune HD – but will the company’s black hole investment in mobile devices excite enough consumers to make shareholder’s happy?

We do know Apple has sold 20 million iPod touch devices and 30 million iPhones. We also know Microsoft is spending money to attract developers. But has Microsoft lost its Mojo? We think it has.