2008’s digital music start-ups

Music Ally has put together an extensive list of 200 digital music start-ups which have emerged across the last 12 months.

The extensive round-up of new business ideas covers launches by category: social and sharing; video; stores and services; streaming, place-shifting; recommendations and discovery; digital labels; P2P and file-sharing; games and virtual worlds; live music and ticketing; stuff for artists; online mixtapes, MP3 search sites and tools.

The list also includes a single entry category called, “great big stick things that you swish about” and another called “sites with lots of cowbell”.

“2008 has been a startling year for innovation in digital music. We’ve been covering startups all year in our daily bulletin, not to mention our work with the Popkomm-IMEA and MidemNet New Business Showcase awards. So we thought we’d round up some of the most interesting startups from this year,” the industry analysts said.

If you’re a band, fan or music exec, you should probably mosey along to this list to take a quick forage for any services you may like to use.

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