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Microsoft sets up ad kiosk outside U.K. Apple store

Oh this is funny – Microsoft has made Apple’s retail stores even sexier by surrounding the doors with a bunch of ads as part of the Redmond behemoth’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign.

Now, given half the people buying computers at Apple retail stores have already actively decided they’re pretty sick of Windows, saved up their cash and moseyed over to the Cupertino company’s store to buy a Mac, placing these ‘Im A PC’ ads outside that store only really show how desperately the company that makes the software they’re sick of wants to keep them in the fold.

A fold they’re unhappy with.

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Latest Touchgrind iPhone skate game vid slips

Here’s the latest clip of hot new in-development iPhone game, Touchgrind, in which your fingers control a skateboard on a dizzyingly fast race across ever-more challenging courses. This is why music needs to get to the iPhone, and illustrates the kind of opportunities you’ll see for music sales and promotion as cool, entertaining and useful apps become the kind of marketing/advertising tools consumers welcome (as long as they’re good quality…)

Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse join MusicTank

will join music industry group, Musictank’s panel next week in which panelists will discuss the creation of compelling alternatives to file-sharing.

Vodafone UK Head of Music – Mobile Internet and Content Services, Tom McLennan, will join the panel along with an unannounced Carphone Warehouse person.

McLennan is responsible for Vodafone UK’s music products and the launch of MusicStation, and has the reputation of having an eye for new commercial models with a particular interest in what subscription-based services might offer operators and labels.

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iLounge offers free in-depth iPod/iPhone product guide

Veteran iPod product website has introduced its 2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide, the latest in its annual series of definitive guides to the thousands of solutions available for Apple’s devices.

The free title rates thousands of products and is available immediately as a free download in PDF format.

“There are more new iPods, iPhones, and related products this year than ever before,” explained Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of iLounge and the Guide, “but we’ve picked only the best releases from over a thousand different developers to spotlight in our Guide. No matter what you’re looking for, and how big or small your budget may be, you’ll find that our objective, honest reviews will help you pick what’s best for you.”

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Is this the best-sounding iPod speaker system?

It’s open to question whether this particular iPod speaker system is the key to unlock the device’s use in the audiophile market, but it looks the business.

Radio manufacturer/developer Revo. has introduced its iPod speaker system, The BLOK, a docking station that uses patented technology from Cambridge based NXT.
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The Hours – free music download launches new single

Bubbling sensation UK band The Hours are offering fans the chance to download anthemic album track, ‘Ali In The Jungle’ to mark the release of new single. ‘See The Light’.
A short film to accompany The Hours new single will be exclusively available to view on today and thereafter on the band’s website,
Free track “Ali In The Jungle” from their debut album, Narcissus Road, and is available from the  band’s website.

Formed in 2004 by Ant Genn and Martin Slattery (men individually previously part of Elastica, Pulp, Black Grape, UNKLE and more)

Directed by the award winning Tony Kaye and featuring Sienna Miller, “See The Light” was art-directed by Damien Hirst.
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Napster cosies up to AT&T for mobile music

While Napster seems down – shedding cash consistently while subscription services continue to fail to ignite consumer market share, the company has no intention to stop slugging it out in its attempt to consolidate its business.

Latest news sees Napster Mobile make its service available to 13 million AT&T Wireless customers in the US.

The service is now available on more than 25 AT&T smartphones and handsets, including BlackBerry Bold, AT&T Quickfire, Pantech Matrix and Samsung Propel.

The expansion of the supported handsets was made possible by less restrictive digital rights management (DRM) requirements from the labels and Napster’s adoption of more flexible technology.

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Netflix, Tivo team to drive Apple out the den

Tivo and Netflix have joined forces in another stab at keeping the Apple TV and iTunes out of the digital den.

The companies will give subscribers to both services the chance to stream thousands of movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly to the TV using TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, and HD XL digital video recorders.

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Nine Inch Nails Tap Tap Revenge iPhone game ships

The promised Nine Inch Nails special version of iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge reached the Apple iTunes App Store today.

The application – a bespoke version of the widely-downloaded (2 million+) music game – features 16 tracks from the band’s albums, ‘Slip’ and ‘Ghosts I-IV’.

Nine Inch Nails front man, Trent Reznor, continues to experiment with new digital distribution ideas (as noted here and here, for example), and this is the first time an artist of the scale of this has made a music-based deal with Tapulous.

Naturally, the game also offers a unique theme with unlockable tracks. It costs $4.99, or the original version of Tap Tap Revenge (sans Nine Inch Nails, but with other tracks) is free.

It is worth noting that the game isn’t at this point available in the UK.

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The Beatles (almost) go online, reach Rock Band deal

The Beatles are going digital – though not (yet) through any online music service, instead selected music from the band will be made available in Rock Band.

Apple Corp. is expected to announce the move – which we consider could be the thin end of a wedge suggesting deployment of a broader digital strategy by the band – at 2pm today.

The move means music from the band will be made available to Rock Band 2 (set to ship November 21) players on a paid for download basis. It’s significant because it represents one of the earliest digital avatars on the part of arguably the most seminal UK act.

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