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U2 Goes DRM-Free on Rhapsody MP3 Store

U2, the only band to have had an official iPod model made in its honor, has dropped the DRM from its music catalog for the first time. All 19 of the band’s full-length releases (including some special editions with bonus tracks) are now available on the Rhapsody MP3 store for $10 a piece, or $20 for double-length releases that contain bonus tracks.

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EMI global digital chief – Mark Piibe

Music start-up vet Mark Piibe is moving to the digital side at EMI as global head of digital business development for EMI Music. Effective immediately, Piibe, who had been SVP-Business Affairs for EMI Music North America since December, will oversee business development efforts; he remains based in New Yoirk and will report to Douglas Merrill.

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Disney boss – ‘go online or die’

The Walt Disney Corporation last night confirmed it has sold over five million films through the iTunes Store since it began doing so. Company president and CEO, Rob Iger revealed this in an in-depth response to a question from Lehman Brothers analyst, Anthony DiClemente, during the company’s Q3 financial call.

“I happen to believe and my senior management team agrees with me,” he said, “that in a world where more and more people are migrating online or to their computer to access both information and entertainment, that the Walt Disney Company would be served well by having a very strong presence in that environment,” he said
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Apple plans iTunes TV broadcasting?

Apple appears to be hatching some kind of plan to transform iTunes into a television broadcasting solution, according to a recent patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple’s patent posits broadcast services that will be made available from iTunes that will work with a new add-on accessory for the iPod and iPhone. The proposed accessory would “also work with Yahoo and Microsoft subscription services”, MacNN claims.
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BPI scores a own goal

The BPI really doesn’t get it – that’s a subjective judgement, but one based on the organisation’s own behaviour. The Guardian reports that the music industry group sent a stiff letter to ISPs and the UK government just before the recent deal between the organisations and the BPI was announced.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said that while the organisation welcomed the deal between ISPs and the music industry, it felt it important to “clarify” it didn’t think the agreement an “exhaustive solution”. And then went on to threaten its ISP partners with legal action…
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Universal’s DRM-free must be universal

Universal’s announcement of its LostTunes service yesterday captured international attention, but some of its key positive points may also need to be extended across the wider digital music industry.

The company is clearly aiming its new online music store at the iTunes audience – just look at the declaration on the site in which it declares its wares to be, “double the quality of iTunes”.
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Gnarls Barkley heart a digital adventure

We talked about Radiohead’s innovation-packed ‘House of Cards’ video, so not the chance has come up to discuss Gnarls Barkley’s latest video ‘Who’s Gonna Save My Soul’, we couldn’t resist taking it – and you can see it once you hit ‘Read More’ below.

Image Metrics was hired in to bring a photo-real computer graphics heart to life in the video, in which that heart sings about its loss of love – it’s really quite sad…
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Digital radio hits UK milestone

Pure Digital today revealed it has sold two million of its brand of digital radios worldwide, and confirmed interest in digital radio has grown c. 400 per cent.

The company took six years to sell its first one million digital radios, a landmark the company announced in December 2006. It then took just 18 months to reach the next million landmark.
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Warner’s Scott Francis takes presidency

Warner/Chappell Music Chairman and CEO David H. Johnson announced today the appointment of Scott Francis to the newly created position of President, Warner/Chappell Music, and Chairman and CEO, Warner/Chappell Music U.S.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group, said, “In looking for a head of Warner/Chappell’s U.S. operations, we wanted an executive who not only has a deep understanding of songwriters and music publishing, but one who also has a vision of how to position a music publishing company to seize the opportunities presented by the industry’s rapid digital transformation.”
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