Online music for musicians: SoundCloud

An online music service with a difference is set to launch this week, SoundCloud, a service which declares itself to offer a “cloud-based music-sharing platform for music industry pros.”

It’s a web-based audio platform aimed at music pros who need to send, receive and distribute large music files online. It also offers collaborative features. Basically it’s designed as a platform that’s less hassle to use and more powerful in what it can achieve than IM or FTP for file transfer – should be a boon to producers, presumably.

Tracks can either be distributed privately to any contact, shared publicly or embedded into any web page, blog or social network. Users can also get access to their own online music inbox where they, without downloading, can listen to incoming tracks and instantly leave feedback. And users can leave comments inside tracks.

“We want music industry professionals to be able to fully utilize the power of the web. The tools available today are just a mess and people end up spending hours on bad technology when they should be focusing on what really matters – the music.“ says Alexander Ljung, Founder and CEO.

The web service has been operating in silent beta mode for the last 12 months with a strict invite-only policy – users already include Compost, BPitch Control and Goldie.

SoundCloud will be publicly launched at the end of this week’s Popkomm conference in Berlin on 11 October.

Take a look at the service here.

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