13.6 million Japanese use iTunes, says comScore

Statistics are nice, and while in use they make liars of us all as one thing isn’t always another, today’s new claim is that nearly 25 per cent of Japanese Internet users accessed iTunes in August, at least that’s if comScore World Metrix are to be believed – but Yahoo! Music is Japan’s most visited music site.

Seems nearly 40 per cent of the Japanese online population visited an entertainment music site in August.

The study also revealed that Japan recorded the highest penetration of users of Apple iTunes software during the month, when compared with the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

There were 13.6 million iTunes software users in Japan in August, the report claims, representing nearly one quarter of the Japanese Internet audience. Among the five countries included in the study, Japan had the highest penetration of iTunes software users and more than double the worldwide reach of 11.2 per cent.

“The Internet and other digital media have become key platforms for music consumption and clearly represent the future of the music industry,” said Maru Sato, managing director of comScore Japan.

“With so much consumer music activity occurring in the digital space today, it is increasingly important to capture the available audience now and get them engaged with your service.”

In August, nearly 40 per cent of the online population in Japan visited an entertainment music site, averaging 16 minutes per visit and nearly 5 visits per visitor during the month. Yahoo! Music led the category with 7.3 million visitors, followed by Sony Connect with nearly 3 million visitors and Sony BMG Music Entertainment with 2.7 million visitors.

comScore analyzed a selected group of music download sites in Japan, examining the visitation and engagement at each site. Mora.jp had the largest audience among the group with 1.39 million visitors, closely followed by Morawin.jp with 1.38 million visitors.

Napster reported a smaller number of visitors compared to the other sites with 171,000 visitors in August, but also reported the highest engagement (93 minutes per visitor) and highest frequency of visits among users (4.4 average visits per visitor). Indie music site Muzie.co.jp got 21 minutes per visit and 4.1 visits per visitor.

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