Google’s Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone?

Google's Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone

Google’s OS now dominates the smartphone sector in terms of unit sales. However, perhaps market share isn’t such a good metric now Google’s chair has admitted only a few devices — from Google and Samsung — truly compete with the iPhone. The diverse smartphone sector has just been reduced to a three horse race: Apple, Samsung and Google. No other Android partners need apply. Is this open enough for you?

Did Apple’s Tim Cook fancy The Fancy for Apple Store iPad app?

Did Apple's Tim Cook fancy The Fancy for Apple Store iPad app?

Just a short note, but in July last year Apple CEO, Tim Cook, reportedly signed-up for a Fancy account for some reason. We didn’t know why, but I will say that when I looked at the all-new Apple Store App for the iPad (like Amazon but good) it seemed pretty clear he fancied some of the ideas he saw. That’s not to say Apple stole any ideas, but he was obviously looking for a graphically-rich, shareable, social-friendly inspiration for ideas to support the Apple Retail Store, and I think he drew some inspiration from The Fancy. And why wouldn’t he? He was responsible for the Apple Store at that time, as the company couldn’t find a decent man for the job (and they picked a very smart woman instead). Just a thought.

The Fancy

Bad day at the Google factory

It sure was a tough day for Google yesterday — any sense of moral prerogative once held by the company or its wider Android “family” may never recover from what took place.

The day begins with news from the US appeals court, which has allowed Apple to once again begin its attempt to force Samsung to cease shipping some of its iDevice-infringing products. To be fair, this is little more than a step toward a somewhat pyrrhic moral victory: these are old products that aren’t stocked any more (except possibly among retailers still trying to shift piles of old units out of their warehouses), but the meaning of the decision (if upheld) is clear:

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