UK firm ships low-cost iPod touch clone

UK-based company Sonix7 has announced a range of touch-sensitive digital players that compete directly with the iPod touch.

The Sonix7 Extreme and the Sonix7 Lite are a lot cheaper than Apple’s product. The iPod touch costs £199 (8GB model) or £269 (16GB model). The SonicLite costs £39.99 while the Pro version costs just £59.99. The Sonix7 Extreme costs £79.99.

Sonix7 is marketing its new devices with the slogan, “everyone likes to be touched”. The Sonix7 Pro MP4 player has a 2.8-inch, 320-x-240 resolution TFT touchscreen display and carries 4GB internal flash memory, expandable using a Mini SD card.

The devices suppport MP3, WAV and AVI. Most offer built-in speakers, an FM radio, voice recording, a built-in camera for stills and video, JPEG viewer, eBook reader, seven EQ settings and ID-3 tag support. Sonix7 Extreme contains offers 8GB capacity.

The Sonix7 Lite mp3 and mp4 player are for people who want a small and light portable listing device. The Lite option is “our smallest player ever” and is a much more inexpensive option because it only retails for £39.99.

The product is compatible with Windows ’98, XP or Vista, it syncs and charges using USB 2.0. The company claims battery life will support 7.5 hours of video or 12-15 hours of audio playback.

Sonix7 Technology Ltd is a UK based company that specializes in producing high quality affordable mp3 and mp4 players.

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