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Google v. Apple: Your VP8 Codec Essential Reading List

Tweet So Google spent some money, bought On2, and is now trying to make VP8 video technology available on a royalty-free basis. This is being reported in all kinds of ways, but wait just a moment before getting too gleamy at the shiny and the new. Here’s your VP8 essential reading list. Please comment your […]


iPhone-controlled iPad Becomes TV Games Console – Can Apple TV Be Far Behind?? 13

Tweet Once again, with the technology so obvious that developers are already creating such solutions, there is a future for the Apple TV, as a low cost console for the television that aggregates all your iTunes media, offers internet access and surfing, a full selection of HD or upscaled iPhone apps and higher capacity. Oh, […]


Video: iPad Concepts Show Future of Publishing? 1

Tweet VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread – iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo. These videos show a concept for iPad publishing that’s being put together by online magazine Viv, by Alexx Henry Photography. The clips are all over the Web this morning with all kinds of commentary surrounding them, so I’d just like to […]


Anime leads YouTube’s video-on-demand niche attack on Hulu, iTunes 1

Tweet YouTube has quietly widened the range of videos it is making available for rent through the popular Google-owned service, betting a little face that a focus on niche markets will help it take on existing behemoths in the online video on-demand space, such as iPlayer, Hulu and iTunes.


No Zune phone as MSFT goes aggro v iPhone 8

Tweet Microsoft has moved to cease speculation it intends releasing its own Zune phone to compete with the Apple iPhone, and presumably the iPod touch. The company pooh-poohed the notion during its financial results announcement this week, saying its strategy will be to improve Windows Mobile and continue working with its existing hardware partners.



Depeche Mode, EMI make iTunes Pass 9

Tweet iTunes continues to dominate the US music retail sales landscape, and UK-based major label EMI Music today announced an all-new initiative for music sales in the digital age, the debut of the first iTunes Pass featuring groundbreaking electro legends Depeche Mode.   A new phase in digital music marketing, iTunes Pass is a new system which […]