Educated guesses as to the iPhone 5 release date…

Tweet Great speculation clads the question: “When will Apple [AAPL] introduce the iPhone 5?” I’ve been gazing at the crystal ball, talking to astrologers, seeking the wisdom of soothsayers and looking at my iCal calendar to estimate the date: October 2, or October 16. READ MORE.


Survey claims iPhone’s a habit forming brain extension (Updated)

Tweet Your iPhone is habit-forming, according to a recent survey of Stanford University students. The survey revealed that almost one-in-three students fret about becoming addicted to their iPhones, think they may be using them too much and dread becoming “one of those iPhone people.”


South Korea now open to iPhone, Android 1

Tweet The iPhone seems set to make its debut in South Korea, following a change in rules requiring handsets sold in the country use a mobile standard called Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI). Developed in the country, WIPI support was required to be included in all handsets sold in […]


Apple shines slightly as gloom grips tech sector

Tweet Fresh research warns of a historic collapse in US corporate IT spending – but notes Apple may continue to make progress in these markets, as iPhone’s corporate marketshare exceeds Palm. Changewave’s senior researcher Paul Carton warns new research by his firm shows, “an accelerating collapse in US business spending […]


iPhone ascendant, users happy, sales strong 1

Tweet iPhone users are more comfortable with advertising within their apps and more likely to use and install applications on their device than users of any other smartphone, new research scheduled for release today informs. TNS Compete will reveal initial iPhone-focused findings as it launches its new Smartphone Intelligence service, […]


Music ‘n’ iPhone drive Apple’s iXmas – reports 1

Tweet While legal beagles flood the ‘net with searches for the New York Bar Exam today, the rest of us are really, really passionate about music, new research explains – and it looks like good news for Apple and others in the sector this Holiday Season, read on… A pair […]



Needham & Co upgrade RIM to ‘Hold’ 1

Tweet Needham Co. analyst Charlie Wolf this morning upgraded Research in Motion from an underperform to a hold rating because the company’s current share price fully reflects any slowdown in the growth of BlackBerry’s sales, the analyst explained. Wolf downgraded RIM to underperform on July 16 to take into account […]


Gartner yawns at Sony Ericsson Walkman phones

Tweet Sony Ericsson introduced its W902, W595 and W302 Walkman phones this week. During the launch, the company’s Ben Padley, Head of music, said: “Since the launch of our first Walkman phone in 2005, Sony Ericsson has continued to pioneer a superior mobile music experience – and the 77 million […]



Apple iPhone – it’s important, really important 1

Tweet Nomura analyst Richard Windsor this morning warned clients that Research In Motion is struggling to develop the touch interface for use within its forthcoming ‘iPhone killer’, the BlackBerry Thunder. The analyst says the implementation even lags behind Nokia. who he also warns will be unable to match Apple’s user […]