Radiohead offer new track for free

Tweet In a repeat of the band’s ‘In Rainbows’ pay-what-you-like experiment, the band today released a new digital single exclusively through the artist’s website – for free. Clicking on the download link takes you to an order page from which you can download the track, which includes a virtual sleeve […]


Radiohead’s Thom Yorke on digital music

Tweet Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke gets to the meat of matters in his latest published interview with Believer Magazine, it covers all kinds of bases, including inevitable discussion of digital music and the future of creativity in the digital age… On file-sharing, Yorke says: “Right, and if you forget about […]


Radiohead help find the lost in ‘Videotape’ auction

Tweet Radiohead have put their weight behind a unique auction designed to raise cash for the Missing People charity. On offer is a four-hour video remix of classic ‘In Rainbows’ track, ‘Videotape’. Sold as a unique VHS videotape (get it? Videotape? Never mind). The tape is signed by all five […]


Radiohead + MySpace screen fan video champs

Tweet MySpace is premiering the three remaining < !– google_ad_section_start –>fan-made videos that were short-listed in Radiohead’s recent animated video contest,“Weird Fishes,” “15 Step,” and “Videotape.” The first to debut is here, Tobias Stretch’s “Weird Fishes.”< !– google_ad_section_end –>



Finn, Radiohead, Marr, Tunstall for Oxfam

Tweet Members of Radiohead, Wilco, Johnny Marr and KT Tunstall have confirmed plans to record a new album – part of the Seven Worlds Collide project – in support of Oxfam International. Crowded House front man Neil Finn confirmed the news this morning, together with members of the original Seven […]


Snow Patrol shift 30k iPhone apps in first week 1

Tweet Snow Patrol’s iPhone application generated 30,000 downloads during its first week of release, a senior executive from the band’s label has revealed. Polydor’s head of digital Paul Smernicki says the label is pleased with the performance of its recently released Snow Patrol iPhone application, which promoted the band’s new […]


Franz Ferdinand, Beatport in remix promotion 1

Tweet Franz Ferdinand have teamed up with Beatport to promote a remix competition for the release of the band’s third album, ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, preceded by first single ‘Ulysses’, set for release January 19. Aping Radiohead’s remix competitions, remixable elements of the single will be made available to buy on […]


Radiohead reveal ‘In Rainbows’ iTunes sales

Tweet Radiohead’s publisher Warner Chappell today revealed that the band’s first ever iTunes album release sold 30,000 units in the US in week one – and explained a whole heap more concerning the band’s ‘In Rainbows’ release strategy. These statistics put paid to any criticism that the band’s release was […]