Apple wants video in the cloud, hates Amazon’s download deals, no Flash for US Virgin…. 2

A trio of overnight reports that seem worth a mention but already appear well-worn online – with Apple planning to store movies and TV shows in the cloud, iTunes team members trying to tempt labels away from free download deals with Amazon and Virgin America dumping Flash in a love […]

UK goes online as teens ready to pay for content

Two recently published studies show slight change in attitudes to paying for content online. In the first study, the European Commission found that around two-thirds of consumers aged 16-24-year-olds are willing to pay for content online. 10 per cent of this demographic have already begun paying for such content, making […]

UPDATED: Apple TV update boxes with Boxee again

Apple has once again bashed popular alternate media management and browisng software, Boxee, in the form of a new release of it Apple TV software. Apple TV 2.3.1 slipped out to users quietly today. The software is only available using the Apple TV’s built-in update engine, but has the effect […]

Peter Gabriel cash goes to The Filter

Peter Gabriel has made significant fresh investment in digital recommendation service, The Filter. The service has attracted the continued support of current investors Peter Gabriel and Eden Ventures, and bought new investors aboard, including from Roderick Banner, Chairman of WPP-owned media agency, Banner Corp, former CEO of LoudEye Michael Brochu […]

BBC, ITV, BT team as iPlayer takes on iTunes

The BBC is serious about attempting to deploy its iPlayer video-on-demand technology as an industry standard, announcing new partnerships with ITV and BT, “to promote a common industry approach and consumer offer to deliver on-demand TV over broadband.” Such a pan-industry approach may in future pit the BBC and partners […]