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VIDEO: iPad In Concert – Plays Flight Of The BumbleBee 1

Tweet Here’s the latest soon to be gigantically viral iPad-related video clip – Chinese pianist Lang Lang walked onstage in San Francisc to perform the encore playing Flight Of The Bumblebee on an iPad. He used the Magic Piano app, apparently.



Flash coming to iPhone nano? No…

Tweet Hmm, so it looks like Adobe is working hard to answer its most high-profile Flash critic, Steve Jobs, last week revealing a deal with Nvidia designed to make for a better user experience on mobile devices. The two firms are collaborating as part of the Open Screen Project to optimize and enable Adobe Flash […]


Warner threatens YouTube on music

Tweet “Warner Music Group has told YouTube, the video sharing site, to remove music videos by its artists from the site. “Contract negotiations have ended because Warner wanted more money for having its music on YouTube. “But the Warner channel was still available on YouTube on Monday and Warner is reportedly still keen to reach […]


Many Blip.tv clips now available through iPhone

Tweet Scant days since the company raised $5.2 million in Series B funding, Blip.tv has introduced iPhone support for mobile viewing of its archive of content. The company has migrated its content into QuickTime, and in an attempt to make its shows available to iPhone (and iPod touch) users, Blip.tv has created embedded versions of […]


BBC Trust rejects Beeb’s local video services plan

Tweet The BBC Trust has refused permission for the BBC to introduce its own local video service to cover local events in 60 parts of the UK, arguing that it wouldn’t be beneficial enough for the public and that it would have a “negative impact on commercial media”. Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC […]


Promote your video with YouTube ads

Tweet YouTube will soon sell spaces on its search results pages to advertisers, yet another in its series of attempts to monetize its hugely popular service. This will enable anyone with a video available on the service to promote it on search results pages. More after the clip…


Future chance, future challenge for the Apple TV 4

Tweet Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV has a chance at becoming a ubiquitous household item, though the company may need to add support for non-Apple media services and implement many new features if it seriously intends making an iPod-level impact on this important growing market. The reason Apple has the chance is visible in the […]