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Read: Lily Allen’s deleted file-sharing notions here

lilyitsnotmesleeveSo, we kind of missed this whole red herring of a debate. In a nutshell, it seems to consist of one in which some of the more successful musicians have been listening to their lawyers too much and now want to punish their fans for file-sharing, with poor old Lily Allen thrust up-front in the dialogue.

Lily even went so far as to suggest file-sharers should be kicked off the internet, the same kind of three strikes rule currently championed by that politician no one has ever liked, Mandelson (the come-back king).

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This is what the Apple TV/iPhone combo should do

So this is a video showing an all new iPhone app from premium music and media home digital equipment maker, Kaleidescape. It’s cool – lets you navigate all sorts of things, lets you control and scroll through the screen you see on the system’s control interface, all sorts of things – it’s exactly what an Apple TV controller on an iPhone should be like. Continue reading

Video: World’s first album produced on an iPhone.

Nuclear O’ Reilly (the music-making pseudonym for Jared DiDomenico and Brad Naprixas) produces the world’s first album done entirely on the Apple iPhone. The album, entitled “Phoning It In,” was created from start to finish on the iPhone app Beatmaker by Intua Software.

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Metallica ship iPod-ready jacket

metallica-sessions-m4-jacketIn a twist of fate, digital music hold-outs Metallica have introduced an iPod-ready band-branded jacket…

The jacket includes Skullcandy speakers hidden in the hood and an iPod dock connector. Dubbed the M4 jacket, the band plans to make only 800 of the things in collaboration with sportswear company, Sessions.

You also get on-sleeve iPod or iPhone controls and a bunch of Metallica-inspired artistic details. The coat will cost $330 when it appears in August. The only way to get one of these jackets is to be member of the Metallica Club.

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Can GarageBand really teach you an instrument?

Apple’s GarageBand software now includes video tutorials designed to help you get to grips with a musical instrument. This has sounded quite interesting to me, particularly in terms of taking my appallingly slim knowledge of guitar play to a new and more publicly-palatable level… But do the tutorials work?
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Jimi Hendrix killed by manager – report

jimihendrix“Jimi Hendrix was murdered by his manager as part of an insurance scam, according to the rock legend’s former roadie.

“Hendrix was 27 when he choked to death on his own vomit in a London hotel, but the exact circumstances of the tragedy have always been somewhat of a mystery.

“But now roadie James ‘Tappy’ Wright has come forward alleging Hendrix’s manager Michael Jeffery admitted to killing the rocker after he learned he was about to be fired by the star.”

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Heads Will Dance play iPhone first

headsLeeds-based electronic trio, Heads We Dance, will be the world’s first ever act to stream the entirety of their album – pre-release – on a dedicated iPhone application, the band revealed this afternoon.

The album, ‘Love Technology’ becomes available to hear through the band’s new app today, a full two weeks ahead of its digital release. It will be made available through iTunes and other online music stores on June 1, and ships physically on June 18.

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Project Playlist hooks EMI Music

projectplaylistProject Playlist, the social media network where music fans discover, create and share playlists, has entered into an agreement with EMI Music to add EMI’s music recordings to Project Playlist’s offerings. Project Playlist users will have access to EMI’s catalogu as well as music from many of today’s current hit-makers. 
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