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Apple Closes LaLa.com. Will iTunes.com Launch In June? 5

Tweet Apple will close down its recently-acquired LaLa.com service on May 31, the company revealed in a bried message posted on the streaming music service’s website. Existing users will be able to log in until the end of next month.

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Walt Mossberg, Moby, talk Apple and music

Tweet If you’re based in New York and want a good hard glimpse at Apple, digital music and the evolution of the music industry, then you’d best not miss a special event featuring WSJ tech journalist, Walt Mossberg and hit-maker musician and intellectual talent, Moby. They’ll discuss the ways technology has changed how music is […]


Should music really be free? No. 1

Tweet Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan has sparked huge debate with a series of posts which explain why music can’t just be free. His statements won a round of vituperative responses, and the analyst responded to these with a post on his own blog this afternoon. Mulligan points out that as an active musician and […]


All majors plot path to iTunes Plus DRM-free – report 2

Tweet We know Apple already offers music DRM-free through iTunes Plus from EMI, and are convinced reports Sony BMG is already preparing its music for introduction through the service, now it seems the two remaining majors Warner and Universal, are in “discussions” to offer their music DRM-free through Apple’s service as well. That’s over a […]


Ex-Floyd manager: iTunes an album sales ‘disaster’ 30

Tweet One time manager of Pink Floyd, Sincere Management’s Pete Jenner slammed iTunes for its effect on album sales at a UK music industry event this week. Speaking at a MusicTank conference, he said Apple’s music store has “had the disastrous effect on the record industry of debundling the album.” He complained cherry-picking tracks from […]



UK musicians lobby Brown for copyright parity

Tweet A collection of leading UK musician members of the PPL have today sent a letter to Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, complaining musicians aren’t being given a fair crack of the copyright whip – effectively becoming second place figures in the UK creative industry. Europe, as well as the French and German governments, is already […]