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Microsoft app store collapse, WinMob 7 phones may support OS X 6

Tweet Microsoft is considering including support for Mac OS within future Windows Phone 7 series of devices. Speaking to Engadget this weekend, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman, (director of consumer experiences for Microsoft’s mobile division) would neither confirm nor deny the plan – all he seemed prepared to commit to was to concede that there are “internal […]


Win 7 – hype dies, Apple triumphs, MSFT fades

Tweet Slate analyzes Microsoft’s marketing of Windows 7 over the years, and finds it wanting. Incidentally, according to the NPD groups’ weekly tracking service, Windows 7 software unit sales in the U.S. increased 234% over Windows Vista’s first few days of sales. However, hoped for uptick in PC demand didn’t take place after the launch […]


MSFT Zune HD gets games, takes on iPod touch 1

Tweet Aimed solely at the US market right now, Microsoft seems to hint at games for its new Zune HD – but will the company’s black hole investment in mobile devices excite enough consumers to make shareholder’s happy? We do know Apple has sold 20 million iPod touch devices and 30 million iPhones. We also […]


No Zune HD for Europe, as Apple cleans house 1

Tweet While Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer seems to hate the iPhone, his plan of attack on Apple’s music empire seems somewhat limited – the company has no plans to launch its not especially popular Zune HD in Europe. According to Microsoft France’s head of E&D division, François Ruault, The Zune HD isn’t planned for sale […]


No Zune phone as MSFT goes aggro v iPhone 8

Tweet Microsoft has moved to cease speculation it intends releasing its own Zune phone to compete with the Apple iPhone, and presumably the iPod touch. The company pooh-poohed the notion during its financial results announcement this week, saying its strategy will be to improve Windows Mobile and continue working with its existing hardware partners.