Microsoft app store collapse, WinMob 7 phones may support OS X 6

Microsoft is considering including support for Mac OS within future Windows Phone 7 series of devices. Speaking to Engadget this weekend, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman, (director of consumer experiences for Microsoft’s mobile division) would neither confirm nor deny the plan – all he seemed prepared to commit to was to concede […]


No Zune HD for Europe, as Apple cleans house 1

While Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer seems to hate the iPhone, his plan of attack on Apple’s music empire seems somewhat limited – the company has no plans to launch its not especially popular Zune HD in Europe. According to Microsoft France’s head of E&D division, François Ruault, The Zune HD […]

No Zune phone as MSFT goes aggro v iPhone 8

Microsoft has moved to cease speculation it intends releasing its own Zune phone to compete with the Apple iPhone, and presumably the iPod touch. The company pooh-poohed the notion during its financial results announcement this week, saying its strategy will be to improve Windows Mobile and continue working with its […]